Sikagrout 212 datasheet

Sikagrout datasheet

Sikagrout 212 datasheet

Product Datasheet SikaGrout- 212 Material Safety Datasheet SikaGrout- 212 SikaGrout - datasheet 215. Product Data Sheet Edition 24/ 05/ Identification no: SikaGrout® SikaGrout® - 214 1/ 3 SikaGrout® - 214 General Purpose shrinkage compensated cementitious grout Product Description SikaGrout ® - 214 is a 1- component free flowing, ready to mix low shrinkage expanding pouring mortar. This highly durable grout meets the re- quirements of Class R4 of BS EN& BS EN 1504- 6. SikaGrout- datasheet 215 is a shrinkage compensated self levelling, sikagrout cementitious grouting. Suitable for use in hot and tropical climatic conditions. sikagrout USES SikaGrout® - 212 SA is used for grouting in the.

Consisting of: A blend datasheet of cement & fillers , Properly graded quartz aggregates Special additives. Uses General purpose grouting. Sikagrout 212 datasheet. datasheet PRODUCT DATA SHEET SikaGrout® - 212 FLOWABLE datasheet SHRINKAGE COMPENSATED CEMENTITIOUS GROUT PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SikaGrout® - 212 is a one part flowable shrinkage com- pensated cementitious grout suitable for exterior and interior uses. PRODUCT DATA SHEET SikaGrout® - 214 HIGH PERFORMANCE shrinkage com- pensating, EXPANDING CEMENTITIOUS GROUTING MORTAR DESCRIPTION Sikagrout® - 214 is a high performance, NON SHRINK ready to sikagrout use grouting mortar. USES General purpose grouting.
Product Data Sheet Edition 01/ 01/ Identification no: SikaGrout® / 3 Construction SikaGrout ® - 214 sikagrout SikaGrout® - 214 High precision expanding pouring grout Product Description Cement based flowable, non shrink two stage expanding grout with selected aggregate. PRODUCT DATA SHEET SikaGrout® - 212 AE CEMENTITIOUS free flowing, sikagrout eco- sikagrout datasheet nomical, PRECISION GROUT DESCRIPTION SikaGrout® - 212 AE is a cementitious, general purpose, NON- SHRINK, SHRINKAGE COMPENSATED non- shrink precision grout with high ultimate strength.

Datasheet sikagrout

SAFETY DATA SHEET SikaGrout® - 212 GP SDS Number: Revision Date: / 06/ 19 Version 3. 0 4 / 8 section 8). Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Safety Data Sheet SikaGrout® - 212 Revision Date 11/ 25/ Print Date 11/ 25/ 4 / 11 Methods and materials for containment and cleaning up : Pick up and arrange disposal without creating dust. Keep in suitable, closed containers for disposal. Handling and storage Advice on safe handling : Do not breathe vapors/ dust.

sikagrout 212 datasheet

The information contained in this Material Safety Data Sheet applies only to the actual Sika Canada product identified and described herein. This information is not intended to address, nor does it address the use or application of the identified Sika product in combination with any other material, product or process.